After end of active orthodontic treatment a relatively high risk of relapse remains with frontal teeth, which means a movement of the teeth to the initial situation. To avoid this, a lingual retainer should be attached back surface of the anterior teeth, so that it prevents the undesirable movements of the incisors. The Retainer consists of a thin wire, which is cemented by a transparent special composite to back surfaces of the incisors. The Retainer should be carried till adulthood.

Initial situation of a patient  "frontal view and side view"

Patientenbeispiel Bracket Zahnspange Front       
Patientenbeispiel Bracket Zahnspange Seite

Die Notwendigkeit eines Retainers kann man, wenn man sich das obere Patienten Beispiel ansieht, absolut nachvollziehen.

Lingual retainer "on the lower jaw       "

Patientenbeispiel Retainers - Lingualretainers Unterkiefer     

Lingual retainer"on the upper jaw"

Patientenbeispiel Retainers - Lingualretainers Oberkiefer

Patient example (above), explains us the necessity of a Retainer. Retainer prevents movements of teeth. The lingual retainer does not affect the ability of speaking and it is not perceptible. 


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