Why orthodontics?

Why an orthodontic treatment is required?

Of course for a beautiful smile! This certainly is the first tought that comes to patients minds.
But first, there are important medical problems with an orthodontic treatment to be resolved.
This is a comprehensive treatment which effects the regulation of biological balance of body and the function of the retaining apparatus.
After a professional orthodontic treatment; phonation, respiration, chewing and the jaw joint functions in harmony with one another.This is important because Temporomandibular Joint(TMJ) has a close conjunction with the cervical spine.Dysfunction in chewing affects the entire musculoskeletal system(skeletal and muscular) of the body.

Orthodontic treatment and its impact on prophylactic procedures!

For example, orthodontics treat teeth which are having effected by occlusal forces (The force exerted on opposing teeth when the jaws are closed or tightened) and wrongly placed,thus they have a longer life. 


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