Snoring according to Dr. Köklü

"Antischnarchschiene mit nachgewiesener 99%iger Wirkung im Rahmen einer wissenschaflichen Studie"

Snoring or protrusion splint is also used as a treatment method. The principle of dental snoring therapyis to shift the lower jaw and tongue forward. Thus, the space (throat region) expands and the need for air guaranteed. This is possible with transparent removable splints.

Dr. Köklü is certified active orthodontist and has even two devices developed and patented to treat snoring.

Biofunctional snoring apparatus according to Dr.Koeklue

Patientenbeispiel Schnarchgerät Seitlich              Patientenbeispiel Schnarchgerät Frontal

Bio protrusive Snap System (on the model photographed from inside)

Behandlung  Schnarchgerät auf Gipsmodell Innenseite            Schnarchgerät Snap-System Innenseite Gipsmodell geschlossen

Advantages of the biofunctional Snoring apparatus:

  • Absolute freedom of movement for the physiological oral movements while sleeping
  • Individual, millimeter-precise setting of the lower jaw position
  • No aesthetic disruptors
  • Easy and comfortable
  • No side effects
  • Individually produced and adapted
  • No assembled devices



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